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We are not only do the job, we try to educate our customers about wheels and tires, how important they are for your safety, what is the difference between good and bad rim or tire, how to find out if the rim is straight or bent and if it is bent, can we repair it or not;  how to check the age of the tires and why it is critical, what can and can not be fixed etc. 

Calgary Tire Shop is specializing in alloy rims bends and cracks repairing. We also do tire change over, seasonal tire change, demounting, mounting and balancing of the tires as well as valve stem change, TPMS check or change, bead cleaning etc. You can find detailed list of services that we provide and their cost here.


All our used alloy rims are checked on the balancer and guaranteed perfectly straight. If you're buying rims from us, we always recommend to check them on your car (to make sure they fit properly) in our shop free of charge. We can confirm bolt pattern and center bore but cannot check how the rims clear the brakes without putting at least one rim on the car.


 If you are not able to bring your car or want to try them yourself, you are fully responsible for fitness. There are 3 business days for return or exchange.  By our company policy, we will not be able to take them back after that and the shop is not responsible to any damage made to your car or your tires because of using the rims. We also can check your own rims (used or new bought from different place) if they fit the car properly. There is $25 charge for this service. 


The shop is working by appointment only, we do not accept walk in customers. 

We accept credit card (3% processing fee apply), debit, cash and email transfer.

We do not accept credit card payment over the phone, sorry. 


What our customers say


"I have a background in quality assurance and customer service, and I have to say that Lana and Levan have won my loyalty when it comes to tires to transport my little one around. Via email and a quick call with Lana, Levan got my winter tires on a set of new rims with zero complications. He taught me a few things about the OE TPMS as well. :) Do not let this home business and the garage fool you. Levan has the right equipment and skill to get the job done right! His garage actually reminds me of my fathers' garage back in Edmonton with enough tools to swap out engines for his old Suburbans. Anywho, I think I have found my new tire place for my family and friends vehicles. Down the road, I think Levan can probably help me out with doing a nice custom powder coat on my stock summer alloys."
Service = Loyalty
"Wheel was so badly bent, would never have thought that it could be fixed. Saved me tons of money as rims are no longer being made, and I would have had to buy a whole new set. Rim was fixed to new condition within the same day! Very friendly and a pleasure to deal with them! Highly recommend this shop!"
"I brought all 4 aftermarket rims that i suspected being bent but they advised me that only 3 needed repair and said the 4th one was fine. Other places would have just told me all 4 needed to be fixed but not this shop, very honest people. Thanks again! Can't wait to put my rims on for summer time."